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Aircraft management
Managing your aircraft

Qatar Executive offers aircraft management solutions for business jet owners who do not want the burden of running an operations and maintenance department themselves.

We are a service provider, focused and driven by the client's requirements. In this capacity, Qatar Executive acts as a consultant, guiding where necessary and advising as to the most cost-effective solution for meeting expectations. The client can choose between a private management solution (exclusive use) or a commercial management solution, where the aircraft is chartered to other customers against significant cost reductions on the overall cost of owning and operating a business jet.

Aircraft management is the easiest way for aircraft owners to reduce operational costs through the consolidation of elements such as flight operations, line maintenance, flight planning and following, and crew planning. The client will also benefit through pooled discounts and reductions on everything from fuel to heavy maintenance.

If your aircraft is in maintenance, we will provide you with another aircraft in our fleet.

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